Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A different point of view

Over the last year most of my creative energy seems to have been applied to the walls, doors and various odd bits of furniture that make up my home.  That, combined with other things, has meant there has been precious little creative textile art taking place.  Printing and sewing new curtains and blinds don't count.  However, planning and creating my new garden has helped, but it's still been very frustrating and the situation hasn't been made any better by the state of my workroom.

Quite frankly, it's a heap.  I know that, but just now I'm not minded to do anything about it.  Everything in the garden is growing well, so with Festival of Quilt deadlines looming it is time to GET SOMETHING DONE!

So....I've moved my creative space downstairs and into the conservatory. 

Tidier, lighter, brighter and with doors that can be flung open, it is an ideal workspace.  Why haven't I made the move sooner?? Suddenly I feel energised and creative.....long may it last - well until this year's entries have been made!

My workroom assistant has also made the move and is keen to give the new work 

a close inspection before giving it her stamp of approval!

Intrigued by the work?  I'll reveal a little more soon, but until then I need to get back to work!

Bye for now,


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